Friday, June 12, 2015

Welcome to Our Flat!

You may be wondering where we are living while we are in London, so I thought I'd share some pictures of our awesome flat.  Josh works with a partner organization here in London called CAPA while Purdue actually pays his salary for teaching Cross-cultural Communication to students in the study abroad program..  CAPA handles many of the logistics involved in our summer, and they used airbnb to find this place for us.

Four years ago, we had a flat in a very shi-shi part of town near South Kensington and Belgravia.  It was a 6-minute walk from two different Tube stops, and it was surrounded by cute little shops and cafes.  The downside was that the flat cost CAPA $1000 per week and was less than 200 square feet.  For four people.  And their luggage. For eight weeks.

                             Knox stands in front of the entrance to the building containing our flat at Nell Gwynn House in 2011.

   Kinley and Knox had to share a tiny pull-out couch in 2011.  I could reach out and touch it from the bed Josh and I shared since the flat was a studio.

Cramming four people into that flat for eight weeks was tough, so we were thrilled to have a flat in the Kensington Olympia area with separate bedrooms and even a living room this time!  It's still costs $1000 per week, but we have more than triple the space we had before.  It's not as convenient, and the neighborhood isn't as posh, but we think it's a good trade.

Knox stands in our living room this year.  Unlike 2011, we even have a table with more than enough chairs!

The master bedroom has not only more space but also much more storage.

The bedroom Kinley and Knox share even has drawers under the bed. 

The kitchen isn't as well-stocked as mine at home, but it's far better than 2011!


  1. That's quite an improvement over your last flat---our RV is about 300 square feet with the slide out!

  2. An RV would DEFINITELY have been a step up in 2011!